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Many congenital trauma attorneys advise clients to settle out of court to help them get financial compensation faster than the legal proceedings. The trial process adds time to your legal action and may not award compensation if the judge decides in favor of the defendant. It is very important to find an attorney who specializes in birth injuries who have successfully helped other clients get compensation for their child’s preventable injuries. Don’t feel like you have to work with the lawyer you first met. You should choose an attorney you trust and feel comfortable with.


Our law firm has attorneys with experience and resources. This greatly increases your child’s chances of being rewarded for the treatment of birth injuries. Learn the considerations below before hiring an attorney. The REVOLUTION BIRTH INJURY LAWYERS have access to a comprehensive medical database containing evidence to help you uphold your claim. If your child suffered a preventable congenital injury due to medical malpractice, you may consider seeking the help of an attorney with expertise in congenital trauma.


Experienced lawyers are waiting around the country to help you get justice as soon as possible. For example, hypoxia is a condition that occurs when a child’s brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. During delivery, hypoxia can be caused by umbilical cord entanglement, infection, or damage to the placenta. Doctors are trained to detect hypoxia in advance and take steps to eliminate the risk of harm to the mother and baby. If the physician is unaware of the case of hypoxia and does not take the necessary steps to avoid injury, the physician may be liable for consequential damage. If hypoxia is not treated promptly, children can develop chronic mental and physical disabilities.